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May 26th 2022 Update:

I am absolutely blown away with how much interest we've had in less than 48 hours. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence.

I've now launched a landing page for the course, where you can enter your email and follow along with the updates.

To be clear, the presale price is discounted, and everyone who purchases the presale will receive the top tier of the course.

Let's do this!

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As a lot of you know, I've been using an industry-leading database solution called SingleStore to process and query billions of rows at my analytics company, Fathom Analytics. I've also written multiple blog posts about how amazing it is (list at the bottom).

Following the success of these articles, I've received lots of messages from people telling me about their problems scaling RDS (connection limits, poor performance, etc.) and just general questions about how they can use a solution built for scale. Aurora Serverless V2 is good for RDS, but it will not perform like SingleStore.

What is SingleStore?

If you've never heard about SingleStore, here's the 5-second pitch. SingleStore is a MySQL wire compatible database solution (meaning you can use regular SQL queries & the query builder in Laravel) that allows you to build database tables in memory and on disk. It's used by companies such as NASA, Uber, Sony, Cisco, Intel, Wayfair, Akamai, Goldman Sachs, Hulu, and Fathom Analytics (my company).

Before I invest substantial time into building an excellent course on using SingleStore with Laravel, I need to validate that there's sufficient demand for this course. Therefore, I will be pre-selling the course here until the 14th of June, giving me three weeks to validate the idea.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people with growing databases who want to keep them fast, people who aren't getting the performance needed with their current solution, and those who are tired of the headaches MySQL brings. For those using RDS at scale, you've likely run into IOPS headaches, connection limits, slow time to add indexes to tables, slow aggregations, slow filtering and performance degradation over time. Many people keep increasing their spending on RDS, but they're just not seeing a valuable performance jump.

When will the course launch?

Provided there's demand, I will spend July building the course and expect to launch it shortly after.

What happens if there's not enough demand for this course?

If there's not enough demand for the course, I will refund everyone and not build the course.

What will the course consist of?

The course will be me showing you how to build a Laravel application using SingleStore. We'll go over the differences between the technologies, the advantages, and the "gotchas." You'll finish the course with a complete understanding of how to use SingleStore in your Laravel application.

Will there be any bonuses?

I've emailed the SingleStore team and asked if they can give my audience any kind of bonus, and I've managed to land $1,000 in credits for new customers on their managed service. So if you're looking to try their managed service after watching the course, I can get you set-up with $1,000 in SingleStore managed service credits.

My articles that reference SingleStore

  1. Building the world’s fastest website analytics
  2. Making the world’s fastest analytics even faster
  3. Why we ditched DynamoDB
  4. Does Laravel Scale?

If you have any questions about the course, please let me know.

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  • Access to SingleStore for Laravel when it launches
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